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In Year 11 and have a question about our application process, or joining our HNC community? This page is your chance to have your query answered! Please email with your questions!

Does accepting a place following an interview mean I have to go to that College? Can I only accept one place? I've got two offers and I'm not sure which I want to accept. Darcie A

Students often apply to more than one College, for lots of different reasons. This may mean that you receive more than one offer. It is important that you accept your place(s) if you are still thinking about where you would like to attend as what this does is 'reserve' your place on the course(s) you have chosen. It is important to note that you can accept more than one place whilst you decide what is the right choice for you. This does not put you at any disadvantage nor does accepting only one place mean you are given preference over another student who has more than one offer. Of course, an offer of a place is always subject to you achieving the grades needed. 

Here at HNC we understand that studying for your GCSEs may be a pressurised time, and choosing your College is a big decision that you may need time to get right. It is of course great if you are 100% on your choice of college, but if you need more time then it is perfectly fine to accept more than one place and confirm later - just ensure you accept by the deadline stated.

I have my interview next week. If I am offered a place, does this guarantee I can study at HNC? I really want to come to HNC and I've been worrying! Kirstie D 

All offers are based upon you achieving the general entry criteria and any subject based criteria in your final GCSE exams. Most of our interviews result in what we call a conditional offer. Remember you will need to accept your conditional offer by the date given in your offer letter. 

I'll be starting my application in school soon but I'm still not 100% on one of my options. Will I have to study whatever choices I have made on my application form? Sadia W

This is one of the biggest queries we receive. We understand that it may feel very early to be making decisions about your future courses, and also understand that things may change for lots of reasons between applying and starting at College. It is important that your application is received by the deadline of 17th February 2022, otherwise it becomes a late application and as an oversubscribed College, this means you are unlikely to be offered an interview. 

Don't panic if you are a little unsure about your application choices. Our interview process is about making sure that your choices are the right ones for your future ambitions, and it is not uncommon for course choices to change between application and interview. After interview, we also have a window where you can contact us to request a change. 

At this stage the key priority is making sure your application is received on time (before 17th February 2022). We'll give you all the help you need to make the right decision, and would really recommend you browse the courses section as this is packed with useful information about all of our courses, what these involve, and where they can lead.  

At interview will you look at my latest mock results or will you use my predicted grades? I've been a little worried as my maths grade is not currently the same as what I should finally get. Jasper A 

If you attend one of our partner schools then school will provide us with a copy of your latest predicted grades and progress before we interview you. If you don't attend a partner school, you'll need to submit a copy of these. When looking at your course choices, we will check that your final predicated grades mean you are on track for meeting the entry criteria for your chosen study programme. Your school will usually be able to accurately predict your final grades which is why we use these for your application, and our decision on your place will be based on this, along with your report on behaviour, attitude to learning and attendance. Due to the current situation with the cancellation of exams, schools will be able to amend these predicted grades in April if required. We understand that it may feel stressful, but please try not to worry - our interviewers will explain all of this to you.  

Why is it essential that I accept my place by the deadline? Should I accept even if I haven't had all my College interviews yet? Amman A

If you receive a conditional offer, you'll receive details about how to accept this and by what date. It is absolutely vital that you accept your place by the deadline or we will withdraw our offer. As an oversubscribed College this will mean you miss out. What accepting your place does is 'reserve' your place at HNC and on your chosen courses until Results Day. This of course is when your final GCSEs results are available and we can confirm that you've met all the entry criteria for your chosen study programme. If you are interested in studying at HNC, you should accept your place at the earliest opportunity. Colleges understand that students may apply to a number of providers, and you may accept more than one place whilst you make your final decision and await the results of interview.


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