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Your FAQs

In Year 11 and have a question about our application process, or joining our HNC community? This page is your chance to have your query answered! Please email with your questions!

If I am offered a conditional place at interview, does this guarantee I can study at HNC? 

All offers are based upon you achieving the general entry criteria and any subject based criteria in your final GCSE exams. Most of our interviews result in what we call a conditional offer. Remember you will need to accept your conditional offer by the date given in your offer letter. 

I've changed my mind about the courses stated on my application form. Do I need to contact College ahead of my interview. 

We understand that it may feel very early to be making decisions about your future courses, and also understand that things may change for lots of reasons between applying and your interview. 

Don't panic if you are a little unsure about your application choices or wish to change them. Our interview process is about making sure that your choices are the right ones for your future ambitions, and it is not uncommon for course choices to change between application and interview. After interview, we also have a window where you can contact us to request a change. 

We'll give you all the help you need to make the right decision, and would really recommend you browse the virtual Open Event platform here as this is packed with useful information about all of our courses, what these involve, and where they can lead.  

Are places offered on a first come, first served basis?
Places are offered on the basis of if a student meets our entry criteria in terms of predicted grades, behaviour and attendance.  We don’t offer places based on how quickly an application is made. Each one is considered, as long as it has been received by our application deadline which was 10th February. 

Do you have a catchment area? Do I have to live near HNC to get a place?
As a College we do not have a catchment area nor do we prioritise applications from the local area and/or local schools. If you are willing to make the journey, we will always consider your application and the distance from College to your home will never put you at a disadvantage. We make conditional offers based on your predicted grades and reference for behaviour and attendance.

Can I only apply to one College?
You can apply to as many Colleges as you want, and you can also accept as many places at Colleges/ Sixth Forms as you want, too. This will not place you at any disadvantage – the choice is absolutely yours. Indeed, we recommend that if you are unsure of where you want to go that you apply to all the Colleges you are potentially interested in. What’s important is that you then accept your place(s), as this then reserves your space at that College until Results Day, giving you time to make the best decision for you. There is no limit placed on the number of places you can accept. 

Will attending other Open Events at other places affect how my application is viewed by my first choice of College?
Absolutely not! An Open Event is a really key part of helping you to make the right decision for you. You should attend as many events as you can, to ensure that you get a really good feel for all the places you are interested in. Attending events will have no bearing whatsoever on your application to any College or 6th Form. 

Is it true if I have less than 95% attendance I won’t be offered a place at HNC?
Attendance is one of the factors we look at when considering if we can make an offer. This is because it helps us see if you are fit and well enough to engage with a full time, Campus based education. However, applicants are always given the opportunity to explain the reasons for any absence. We will always consider this very carefully before reaching any decision. 


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