Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of the world around you, and explore how economic issues influence all aspects of our lives?

A Level Economics will see you exploring the concept of a free market economy, and the role this plays in key social issues such as inequality and unemployment. Economics is certainly not all about maths! You’ll grow your skills in areas such as data interpretation, evaluation and problem solving. You’ll take part in group work and classroom discussions where you will explore current world issues.

General A Level entry along with a minimum of grade 5 in GCSE Maths.

This is a dynamic and interesting subject and you will develop your own opinions through exploring topics including:

- How markets determine what goods and services will be produced
- How governments can determine how economies run and how this influences our culture
- The Bank of England and the role of interest rates
- Business economics such as profit and the role of competition
- Economic development, inequality and poverty
- Globalisation and the role of international trade

The assessment is 100% examination, comprising of three written exams at the end of your course.

Economics is a widely accepted A Level, and valued by universities as the skills you learn and develop prepare you for further study.

It can therefore support a diverse range of progression routes. However, popular routes can include finance, charitable and not for profit organisations. Many students also find their studies spark an interest in key social issues, and pursue roles in government departments and political think tanks.

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Whilst Economics does of course feature the use of some Mathematical concepts, this is a fascinating subject that will see you understanding how and why our world operates in the way it does, from how the price of a loaf of bread is set to how government decisions can create economic equality.

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