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Are you curious about current affairs and engaged in environmental issues? Would you enjoy studying the environment around us? If so, A Level Geography might be the perfect course for you. Geography will fuel your curiosity and widen your perspective, as you investigate the workings of the physical world and the ways in which people interact with it. This diverse subject will see you learning about everything from inequalities in Latin American cities to the impact of climate change.

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway and a grade 5 in GCSE Maths and Grade 4 in GCSE Geography if taken. If GCSE Geography is not taken, then grade 4 in a GCSE Science. 

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This diverse subject will see you learning about everything from inequalities in Latin American cities to the impact of climate change. Topics you’ll study include:

- Coastal environments
- Water and carbon cycles
- Contemporary urban environments
- Global systems and global governance
- A fieldwork based geographical investigation

Educate, Enrich, Enlighten

We are incredibly proud of the experiences on offer. Our Geography teachers are passionate subject specialists, and you can expect a wide range of opportunities to stretch and challenge you. Geography students develop an incredible range of skills, knowledge and understanding, and studying this subject is an enlightening experience where you will explore an incredible range of topics such as climate change, energy resources, social cohesion and migration.

On this engaging course, you will broaden your understanding of the world and your place in it. You’ll develop high level skills such as planning and organisation, and research and analysis, and explore an exciting range of contemporary issues affecting the world around us. Guided by our team of knowledgeable teachers, you’ll explore current affairs and environmental issues on both a micro and macro scale. You will be encouraged to think critically and regularly engage in debate as part of your learning, challenging your own views, as well as those of your peers. Our students enjoy experiences such as:

- Field trips including to coastal areas to put learning into practice
- Visiting guest speakers
- Trips and visits to universities to help you to experience what studying at degree level involves

This course is assessed by a mixture of examinations (80%) and coursework (20%). 

A Level Geography students are in high demand – the skills and knowledge you develop are transferable to a wide range of degrees and jobs. Many of our students pursue the study at degree level, and move on to careers in sectors linked to Travel and Tourism, Logistics, Environmental Sciences, Land Management and Planning.

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Fieldwork will form a core element of your learning, providing you with many opportunities to learn and develop outside of College and the classroom!

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