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Do you wonder how the world around us is shaped by the information we’re fed by the media? Or how individual perspectives on the same issue or topic can be so different? In A Level Media Studies, you will learn to question the validity of the information you receive from a range of media, from radio and newspapers to video games and online media, helping you to understand how we’ve come to find ourselves in the era of ‘fake news’. You’ll also use the skills and knowledge you’ve developed through this analysis to create your own productions.

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway.

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This engaging A Level subject will see you studying a range of topics, including:

  • Semiotics
  • Narratology
  • Representation
  • Genre
  • Postmodernism


Educate, Enrich, Enlighten

Studying for an A Level in Media Studies is an enriching experience. In this dynamic course, you will study a range of media disciplines, ranging from traditional print media to the contemporary online platforms we use today. You will be encouraged to analyse a variety of media, which will help you to develop a deeper understanding of the world that we live in. Audience reception, regulation, representation and gender are just some of the theories you will explore.

Our teachers are highly qualified and passionate about their subject. In addition to an outstanding experience in the classroom, you can expect a range of trips, visits and inspiring guest speakers. Students have enjoyed experiences such as a behind the scenes look at TV soap Emmerdale and Q&As with sports journalists and media experts.

You will be encouraged to build on your cultural capital through a range of extra-curricular opportunities, from guest speakers to visiting TV sets for a look ‘behind the scenes’. In past years, our Media Studies students:

  • Visited the Emmerdale set for a behind the scenes tour
  • Enjoyed guest speakers from the Media industry
  • Took part in creative writing short courses
  • Wrote for the College magazine

This course is assessed via examinations (70%) and a coursework portfolio (30%).

An A Level in Media Studies can support progression to some unique and exciting destinations and this qualification is valued highly for how it develops skills including critical thinking, cultural awareness and communication.

Popular routes for students who have undertaken A Level Media Studies include Media, TV or Film at university and students often have an interest in professions including media, PR, film and journalism. However, an awareness of how the media works also has a natural link to careers such as law and social work – there are few careers where the skills and knowledge you’ll develop from this course are not an asset.

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There is no requirement to have studied A Level Media Studies or a similar subject at GCSE. Students who opt for this course develop an in depth understanding of key issues, and how the media influences our perspective. Key skills you will gain include analysis, debate, and critical exploration and reflection. 

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