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Does god exist? If you were driving a runaway train and had to pick a track which would injure a group of elderly people or a track where the train would hurt a baby, which would be the morally right course of action? Are we born with a pre-destined path in life or are we in control of our own destiny? Are you keen to debate the big questions in human life and existence? Then A Level Philosophy, Religion and Ethics is the course for you!

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Often described as a real ‘thinking course’ This fascinating subject will see you studying stimulating topics, including:

- Buddhist practices
- Meditation
- Arguments for and against God
- The nature and problem of evil
- Ethical thought - is there a standard of morality?

On this eye-opening course, you’ll reflect on your own beliefs about life, and explore modern and ancient issues ranging from the ethics of nuclear deterrents to Classical Greek philosophies on what makes a good life.

Educate, Enrich, Enlighten 

We are incredibly proud of the experiences on offer. Our teachers are passionate subject specialists, and you can expect a wide range of opportunities to stretch and challenge you inside and outside of the classroom. As you’ll explore some of life’s biggest questions, this subject will broaden your knowledge and understanding of the world. You’ll explore issues such as feminism, euthanasia and poverty, and debate these. Our passionate subject specialists will help you to explore these topics in the classroom and beyond, developing your understanding of the world and your views on these topics.

Your studies will be enriched with a wide range of additional opportunities that develop your understanding of the world, and grow your skills. Some of the experiences our students enjoy include:

- A chance to bring theory to life, for example through a full day Buddhist retreat
- Visiting guest speakers
- Meditation classes, to deepen your understanding of this and provide balance in your studies
- Trips and visits to universities to help you to experience what studying at degree level involves

This course is assessed solely by examinations. 

Our students progress onto a varied range of degree programmes, including Philosophy, English, International Development, Law and Anthropology.

An A Level in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion allows you to reflect on life’s big questions and teaches you how to analyse and communicate ideas logically, which are skills that many employers value highly. Job roles where this qualification could be useful include Teacher, Chaplain, Civil Service Officer, Policy Officer and Psychotherapist, amongst many others.

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A Level Philosophy is well-respected by prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. 

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