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Do you want to study a subject that underpins all science and engineering and explains the world around us? Do you want to stretch your imagination whilst exploring theories that explain everything from the smallest particle to the universe itself?

If you are interested in exploring the concept of space and time, and everything else in between, then this cutting-edge course is for you!


Please note that if you study A Level Physics you must also take A Level Mathematics – this is a requirement of the course

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway and a grade 6 in GCSE Maths and grades 6/5 in GCSE Sciences.  

For further information on the pathways, please click here.


NOTE: Students must also study A Level Mathematics.

This A Level course will see you exploring a vast range of concepts, topics and theories, including:

  • Electricity, waves, classical and further mechanics
  • Particle, nuclear and quantum Physics
  • Gravitational and electric fields (and their consequences)
  • Thermal Physics and gas laws
  • Astrophysics


Educate, Enrich, Enlighten

We are incredibly proud of the experiences on offer from our department both inside and outside of the classroom. You’ll benefit from an engaging, hands-on learning put into action in our state-of-the art facilities which include a team of qualified Lab Assistants. We also build your cultural capital with a range of experiences including opportunities to participate in overseas trips.

This ensures you plenty of opportunities to link theory with practice and develop your practical skills, and experience university level practical work. Many of our A Level Physics students are part of our XL Programme, which provides you with unique and exceptional opportunities to support your progression to world leading universities. Some of the experiences our students enjoy include:

  • Visits to universities for lectures
  • Summer School STEM opportunities
  • Participation in Science based challenges and national competitions
  • Being inspired at national conferences such as Physics in Action

The course is 100% examination. 

In A Level Physics, you will develop an impressive range of skills such as problem solving, data analysis and report writing, which are highly valued by universities and employers alike.

As such, A Level Physics is a well-respected qualification that will support your progression into a wide range of careers, from Engineering and Architecture to Astrophysics. It will particularly benefit students wishing to study STEM related degree subjects. Physics relates to many areas where there is a shortage of qualified individuals, and as a subject therefore opens up a world of opportunity at degree level, and in your future career!

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Good to Know

If you’re thinking of studying A Level Physics and pursuing a STEM based career we recommend that your study programme contains at least one other STEM based subject. This is because many universities will require more than one Science as part of their entry requirements

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