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Our Pre-Applied Pathway offers you the opportunity to join HNC and gain the qualifications you need to access our Applied Pathway.

These year long courses give you the skills, knowledge and academic foundation you need to progress. Most students who study one of our Pre-Applied Pathway courses do progress to an Applied Pathway, although equally you can opt to pursue employment or an apprenticeship.

Are you considering a career in the world of business? Do you want to undertake a fascinating, interactive and engaging qualification and grow your skills in areas such as Marketing, Accounting and Events? Then our Pre-Applied Business course could be for you! This course can also provide access to Level 3 study.

Standard requirements for a Pre-applied pathway, plus a grade 3 in GCSE Maths. 

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This engaging subject will see you studying a range of topics, including:

  • The principles of customer service
  • Finance for business
  • Consumer rights
  • Human resources


Educate, Enrich, Enlighten

Through your experience of practical activities and theory you will develop your self-confidence, written and verbal communication skills. Group work, role plays and presentations will offer you the chance to develop as a student and prepare you for your next step. Your projects and assignments are based on real life situations, giving you the ability to see how the theory you are learning relates to real life.

All of our students are encouraged to prepare for their future achievements by undertaking additional qualifications such as Microsoft Office Specialist in Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Our highly qualified and dedicated staff will help you get ready for your next step – for most students this is continuing their studies at Level 3. As part of your journey you’ll enjoy some fantastic experiences including trips, visits and guest speakers, and the chance to take part in the Young Enterprise Competition.

Assessment comprises of ten pieces of coursework and two exams. 

For most students the Pre-Applied Pathway leads to further study at HNC. Some students do choose to enter the workplace at a junior level, including applying for an apprenticeship.

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Please note that this is a year long, full time study programme that effectively offers you an opportunity to progress to a Level 3 study programme, or enter the workplace at a junior level

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