Interview top tips

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to one of our admissions interview evenings. These take place from January – March, and you’ll receive details of your slot around two weeks before your interview. All interviews take place here on Campus.

We know that attending your College interview may be exciting or even a little nerve-wracking – sometimes it can even be a combination of the two!

Our top ten tips will help you to prepare and get the very most from your experience.

1. Remember you can look at the questions you’ll be asked and you are encouraged to prepare your answers
All students are asked a set of standard interview questions. These are listed below and you are welcome to bring notes with you about your answers. You’ll be asked:

  • What is your long-term vision? (This can be as specific as a particular career, for example paediatric nursing, or as generic as a desire to progress to university.)
  • Why have you applied for your chosen courses and how do they support your long-term vision?
  • How will you travel to College? What impact will your journey to College have on your daily routine?
  • What enrichment do you currently do? What enrichment would you be interested in taking up at HNC?
  • How will you contribute to HNC’s values?
  • How will you commit to embracing our motto of ‘become your best self’?

2.But don’t panic if you can’t think of an answer
Your answers are not graded or scored, so you won’t be disadvantaged if you don’t have an answer or are unsure of your response to any of the questions above. These questions are simply designed to help you get the very most from your interview experience.

3. Be your authentic best self
We want to see and meet the real you, so in your answers make sure you share your genuine thoughts – remember, the answers to the questions have no bearing on the decision itself, so it’s in your best interests to be honest.

4. Comfort is key
There is no need to purchase a new outfit for your interview. While you are very welcome to choose to wear business dress, applicants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. You may also choose to come along in your school uniform.

5. Have you been asked to bring additional information?
If so, it’s important to bring it otherwise we are unlikely to be able to make a decision on the evening.

6. It’s your opportunity to ask questions too
If you have any queries, either about the interview process or College more generally, our welcoming team will be happy to answer them.

7. Thinking of asking about changing your application choices at interview?
Don’t forget that although our Open Event series is now complete, this website offers lots of advice and guidance including video lesson tasters. Our interview team will also be able to discuss how particular courses might support your vision for the future.

8. Plan your journey so you arrive on time
Make sure you allow enough time for your journey, and if you are being dropped off, please remember that the roads around College are likely to be busy. This avoids you becoming unnecessarily stressed.

9. Don’t forget to relax
The interview is designed to be a positive experience and we want you to enjoy it! Remember it is OK to ask for a question to be repeated, or to ask your interviewer to explain something again. Smiling and deep breaths can help you to relax.

10. Got a conditional offer?
Most interviews result in a conditional offer of a place. This means you will be able to enrol at HNC, subject to you achieving the published entry criteria. Remember that you can accept more than one place, and it is untrue that you are required to confirm your first choice of College and decline all other offers. Every year we receive requests to reinstate offers at enrolment, and as availability is extremely limited, such students then miss out on the study programme they want.

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