Application top tips 

Are you in Year 11 and considering applying to HNC for September 2024 entry? Then take a look at our top ten application tips below!

1. Attend an Open Event and book a place on our lesson tasters 
An Open Event is genuinely a fantastic opportunity to learn more about all of the options and opportunities available to you. Our final Open Event takes place on Wednesday 30 November. We also strongly recommend that applicants come along to our lesson tasters on 23 January 2024 – bookings for these open in mid December. Click here to read more about our Open Events.

2. Use the HNC website to support your application 
This website offers a vast range of resources to help inform your application choices including video lesson tasters and detailed course information. Visit the course information section here to explore all of the courses you can choose from! Don’t forget that you can also build your own prospectus too.

3. Start with thinking about your vision for the future, or if you are unsure, look at courses that offer you flexibility 
There are certain careers that require you to have studied particular courses, so if you have decided on a particular career, then make sure you check out what you might need to study. Your Careers Advisor at school will also be able to advise you, and our website also provides ideas about where your qualifications can take you. Don’t panic if you are unsure or not fully decided on your future career path – there are lots of courses that support progression to a wide range of careers.

4. Make sure you look at your predicted grades as part of the application process
At interview we will only make a conditional offer for courses that you are predicted to achieve the entry criteria for. Your predicted grades best indicate what you can expect to secure on GCSE Results Day, therefore matching these to your study programme is one way we reduce the risk of not being able to enrol you in the summer. Our Pathways tool helps you to see the package of qualifications suited to your grade profile. You can click here for the Pathways tool, and further details about entry criteria.

5. Be open to courses you’ve not seen before, and remember GCSE subjects may not always be the same at post-16
You have access to an incredible array of new subjects you won’t have experienced before such as Psychology, Media Studies and Politics to name a few! Don’t be afraid to check out what these offer you – you may be surprised. Similarly, studying a subject at post-16 can be vastly different from how it is at GCSE and we recommend asking about these differences during an Open Event visit. It is important not to assume that because you have studied something at GCSE that you know what it will involve at post-16.

6. Remember, your application choices don’t have to be the ones you enrol on
The interview process is all about perfecting your study programme. Don’t panic if you are unsure, or have a rethink during your interview – your course choices can be changed during interview, and right up until when the course change window closes on 20 March 2024 (as long as your predicted grades meet the entry criteria).

7. Ask yourself – how will HNC help you to become your best self?
By attending punctually, behaving professionally and committing completely, you will become your best self during your HNC journey. During the application process you should consider your ability to commit to these absolutes and our College values. If you know your attendance punctuality and/or behaviour record does not meet the entry criteria in these areas, then you should consider if HNC will be the right place for you. Please note, if you are below our requirements here, it won’t necessarily result in a no offer of a place, but you can expect to discuss this with your interviewer. We will only offer places to students where we are confident that they can meet our expectations and are in a position to engage with a full-time, campus based education. We publish the questions you’ll be asked at interview, and it is well worth taking an early look at these here to consider your answers.

8. Stay up to date 
As a young adult, correspondence about your application and the next steps will be addressed to you. Make sure you stay on top of this, and meet any deadlines you are sent. 

9. Don’t miss the deadline 
Applications close on Friday 2 February 2024. Don’t forget that late applications will not be considered for interview, so don’t miss your opportunity to join HNC.

10. Finally – don’t panic!
We know that as an applicant you will be working hard on achieving your potential during your GCSEs. While we know putting in an application will feel like a big step, remember we are here to support you during every step of the process, and we provide all of the support you need to ensure you are offered a study programme that enables you to achieve your vision for the future! 

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