Students Kabir Hussain, Jennifer O’Sullivan and Tabitha Clark, with Student Union President Aaron Ellis and College Librarian Rebecca Wilson.

by Scott Goodacre

Jennifer was chosen after two stunning performances of Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and The Colonel by Carolyn Forche in front of a judging panel on Wednesday 18th December. The panel consisted of Principal Angela Williams, Deputy Principal Helen Smithson, and the Student Union President Aaron Ellis. Students were judged on their ability to recite their chosen poems from memory, as well as gaining bonus points for entertaining performances. Kabir Hussain was runner-up, with Tabitha Clark coming third.

The event was organised by College Librarian Rebecca Wilson, with students having to recite two poems from the 200 available in the online Poetry By Heart anthology. They gained most marks for being able to perform the poem completely from memory with no prompts, gaining extra points for the style of their performance.

Jennifer will now represent the college in the County Finals in February 2014, with the winner heading to London to take part in the grand final.

Rebecca commented: “All three of the finalists performed brilliantly, but we felt that Jennifer had performed two particularly difficult pieces very well.

“We’re delighted that the college now has an entrant for the County Finals for the first time, and we’ll all be cheering her on in February.”

Rebecca presenting Jennifer with her certificate.

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