For a third year, the College's library has taken part in a student library volunteer scheme in partnership with vInspired, a national volunteer charity which rewards volunteers between 16-25. vInspired Awards are recognised nationally by employers and universities.
This year’s library volunteer team totalled eleven students, two of which, Colette Reeves and Denise Erandio, who have been volunteering for the past two years, have put in over 50 hours, each achieving their V50 Award. The other nine students achieved their V10 vInspired Award and several have shown strong desire to continue volunteering in their 2nd or 3rd year of study!
When asked about her experience as a HNC Library Volunteer, Colette Reeves (pictured), said “I enjoyed being a library volunteer because I was taught how a library works and I was able to take part in library events (making bunting and typing up reviews). I also enjoyed labelling books and DVD's. I was also able to improve my communication skills and knowing the Dewey system also made it easier for me to find relevant information for my courses. The vInspired awards made me want to keep volunteering so I could achieve them, they became a goal to aim for. To new students I would tell them that volunteering in the library was one of the things I enjoyed most about college because it was a time when I could relax and learn new things without having to worry about remembering everything. It also made me more confident in myself and when I’m meeting new people I’ve never met before.”

College Librarian, Rebecca Wilson, has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside HNC students for the past three years. She said “We get students from all types of backgrounds joining the Volunteer Team. Some have been Library Monitors at school, others join for work experience or just out of curiosity and discover they enjoy it. Each student who joins the team proves to be hard working, reliable and eager to learn more. We are proud to help them achieve their vInspired Awards during their time with us as it’s another bonus to talk about at University or Job interviews. Many also develop their confidence and team work skills which is a fantastic result to see as it will benefit them for many years to come.”

Well done to all the students who took part this year. Your help is much appreciated!

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