Over the past three years, only four of the College's students have completed enough voluntary hours as vInspired Volunteers to gain the V50 Award. The first was Samantha Ross back in 2013 and in the summer of 2014, three more students from the Library Team also reached that fifty-hour target, Colette Reeves, Umar Saleem, and Denise Erandio, and all are now at university or have found employment in their chosen fields. Their vInspired Awards no doubt added a unique shine to their UCAS and job applications, as the awards are nationally recognised by Universities and employers.
HNC Students Alicia Jordan and Praveen Gakhal have just become the fifth and sixth students to earn and achieve the vInspired V50 Award for their volunteer work as part of the Library Team, and as their role as Student Ambassadors, since starting their studies back in September 2014. They both achieved the new V30 Award earlier this term but being part of a further two enrichment activities has helped them earn their newest Award faster than expected!
Their names join a growing elite group of successful vInspired students that have developed new skills, gained new experiences and contributed greatly to the college or local community in a way that not only enhances their college life, but also gives them a distinct edge in all future prospects. More members of the Library Team vInspired Volunteers are hoping to apply for their V50 by the end of the academic year upon completing two years in the role.
With the hours Alicia and Praveen work both during and outside of college time, one or both of them could be within a chance of becoming the first HNC student to receive the first ever V100 certificate!

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