Spring 2016 saw a special milestone reached for the HNC Library, with Health and Social Care student, Simona Badea, achieving her vInspired V10 Award, becoming the 30th student to do so!
Since 2012, the Library has seen 39 students volunteer, with some volunteering for a full two years, working  at least 1 hour a week to achieve their v10 award. Seven of these students continued to volunteer and put in the hours after earning their V10 award, and have even gone on to achieve a vInspired V50 Award! There's also a strong chance that two of this year’s volunteers, Alicia Jordan and Praveen Gakhal, will achieve a V100 vInspired Award too, a first for students at the College.
"Students join our Volunteer Team for a variety of reasons," explained College Librarian, Rebecca Wilson, "Some join because they have previously undertaken work experience or volunteering in their Secondary School Library, others join because they would like to use this opportunity to gain valid work experience alongside their studies, and some join as they would like learn new skills, develop confidence and make new friends". 
The vInspired awards are a big draw for many students, as the awards look superb on their CV or UCAS application. If you would like to take part in the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca in the library for further information.

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