Every year HNC Library like to raise funds for the National Literacy Trust as a way of not only celebrating this season of giving, but also ensuring that more people benefit from good literacy and access to books. The Trust is dedicated to improving literacy levels in the UK, making it the perfect choice of charity to support. Improving literacy level is something that College Librarian Rebecca Hill strongly believes in, driving lots of the literacy engagement activities, schemes, competitions and initiatives she runs for students at college.

This year the National Literacy Trust’s fundraising campaign is Tales & Teapots Parties, where supporters run an event with tea, cakes and of course books to raise money. As the HNC Tales & Teapots Party took place in December, it adopted a Christmas theme, offering hot chocolate complete with marshmallows & cream, Christmas cake, mince pies & chocolate yule log. There was also a Bargain Book Sale selling donated or withdrawn titles.

Rebecca drafted her own team of Santa’s little helpers from the Library’s vInspired Student Volunteers, and as news of the event spread, other students also wanted to get involved so there were even a few honorary members joining the team on the big day. The team ventured out of the Library into the Canteen to set up with Christmas decorations, balloons and even Christmas songs to get everyone in the festive spirit.

At the end of the event the money from the stalls was counted and we are proud to announce that the Christmas Tales and Teapots Party raised £64.71! In addition to this, the Library has had a rolling Book Sale taking place throughout the college year, which has so far accumulated £15.37. Combine both together and HNC Library will be donating a grand total of £80.08 to the charity this year – a new record!

A huge thank you to all the staff & students who bought books, food and drink at the fundraising event and a very special thank you to the team of students who supported the event: Cameron Rogers, Ivy Oldroyd, Niamh Faulkner-Smith, Olivia Moylan, Emily Dundon, Harry Martin, Murriam Akram and Laura Bisland. All worked tremendously well together, got into the Christmas spirit and provided excellent service to our many customers. 

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