World Book Day at Huddersfield New College is a much looked forward to one as each year we celebrate the different ways books enhance our lives.

This year our theme was Words, because all books and stories consist of words. The Library team organised a Word themed Word Search & Cross Word puzzle for students to complete to have a chance at winning a copy of ‘Word Watching’ by Alex Borne, the story of one man’s mission to have a word of his own invention entered into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Student Library Volunteers put together a collection of unusual and curious words with their meanings and a selection of these were then hung from the Library ceiling for all to see and read. A wide selection of books about the history and changing nature of the English language were also put out on display.

The Library also organised a Book Sale to raise money for Book Aid International, a charity that provides books to schools and libraries in Sub-Sahara Africa, where books can cost a year’s wage.

The main event of World Book Day 2017 involved the third consecutive visit to the College of historical fiction author, James Aitcheson (Sworn Sword trilogy & The Harrowing). He gave a talk on Historical Fact versus Fiction in his work to A-Level History students, led a Creative Writing Workshop with students who entered the cross-college short story competition and then presented the certificates to the winners at this Competition at a Celebration lunch.

The following students were commended for their short stories:

Deven Lees                                                       

Amos Robinson

Katy Hargreaves                                              

Joe Robb                                            

Matthew Waddington

Emily Dundon                                                   

Shahsvat Barakin                                             

The following students were highly commended:

Kazuyoshi Maruta

Vanda Kovacs-Nagy

And the overall winners, in reverse order were:

3rd place Ella Tallon

2nd place Michael Hemingway

1st place Grace Perkins

In all three events, HNC students were able to ask him questions about his academic history and writing career, and in the afternoon, when he was based in HNC Library, students were able to buy signed copies of his books and take selfies with him.

HNC student, Vanda Kovacs-Nagy commented:

“Meeting an author is always exciting, having a creative writing workshop with one is even better. It was a pleasure to meet with author James Aitcheson and to appreciate more the creativity each of us have inside and the amazing things that we can write in 5 and 10 minutes.  I can now face blank pages with confidence. Thank you, James and thank you Huddersfield New College for providing me with this opportunity.”

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