On May 4th, students felt a disturbance in the force at Huddersfield New College, when HNC Library joined forces with HNC Media & Film team to celebrate Star Wars Day.

The Library was decorated with images of the great heroes and villains of the space opera saga. Fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels based on or inspired by Star Wars were put out on display and students were encouraged to enter a colouring competition using two new Star Wars Adult Colouring Books.

HNC Media & Film team organised a Star Wars quiz with film specific questions which required students to visit the Library to use its resources to find the correct answers. The team also set up a gaming room in which students ‘duelled’ on Star Wars Battle Front. And finally, the cinema room premiered ‘A New Hope’ at the College.

Harry Martin answered the most questions correctly in the quiz.

Oliver Grayson produced the most creative design in the Colouring Competition.

Congratulations to both! Jedi in the making.

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