Huddersfield New College has revealed that students are being encouraged to think about simple meat free switches during ‘Veganary’. The College also revealed that it will be planting over 300 trees around Campus this spring as part of its wider strategy to play a part in tackling the climate change crisis. 

All students at HNC are asked to sign the College’s Green Pledge (pictured above). This signals a student’s commitment to taking some simple steps to being an active, responsible citizen and taking action to tackle the climate change crisis. The College has been promoting a range of ways students can fulfil their pledge, and also working to be a greener environment across a wide range of areas including by recycling all College waste where possible and reducing the amount sent to landfill, and using compostable and recycled items in our catering facilities. A College Green Group is taking forward a range of ideas, and 2020 has some exciting plans for HNC.

The College’s Freshers’ Fair in September will feature a range of organisations students can be involved in and throughout tutorial students will hear more about why action must be taken on climate change and the ways they can help beyond the HNC pledge. This month HNC is asking students to trial a Meat Free Monday, or even make some simple switches such as opting for vegan products. 

Soon the College will launch new recycling stations which will increase HNC's recycling rates, and is planning phase one of a new tree planting scheme in the spring.

Marcus Smith-Connor, Vice-Principal who leads the College’s Green Strategy comments: “We know that as a College we have lots more to do, but we have made significant progress so far in our plans to be a greener College. We are working to help students to understand that a few small steps makes a huge difference if we all commit to taking these as part of our everyday lives. We understand that becoming vegan or vegetarian is not for everyone, but there are so many simple switches – many students have been surprised that items like Oreos and beef and tomato pot noodles are actually vegan! We’re really looking forward to the next phase in our strategy, and particularly excited about our tree planting scheme. We’ll be inviting our students and staff to help plant these and will be releasing full details soon. Many of our students are involved in tackling climate change on a wider scale already, and we believe that if our 2400 strong College community all make some simple changes, that together we can have a huge impact!”

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