Students undertaking Level 1 and Level 2 programmes at Huddersfield New College have recently been preparing for the next stage of their studies with a talk from Andrew Muhammad AKA ‘The Investigator’ who shared more about how ‘your attitude in life determines your altitude’ with a unique and inspirational talk.

HNC offers students a wide range of study options, and many of our students are given the chance to gain the qualifications they need in order to progress to Level 3 programmes. Andrew has been inspiring our students for the past 8 years, sharing a lively, energetic and engaging presentation inspiring students to think they carefully about their future prospects and plans. This follows students undertaking their internal interviews and planning the next stage in their studies and careers as part of a package of support including a Progression Conference. 

Comments from students included “Andrew motivated me I feel like I can achieve anything”, “I am inspired and want to do better” and “I feel more motivated to get into College and work harder to get better grades.”

Alison Osbourne, who manages progression support says: “Here at HNC we are proud of the number of students who successfully progress to Level 3 courses. Of course, this means that they spend a little extra time with us and our progression process helps our students to explore the options available to them but remain motivated and focused on achieving their goals and ambitions. Andrew is a fantastic speaker and gives our students a fresh perspective on achieving their goals, and it was great to welcome him back to inspire our current cohort. We look forward to supporting our young people as they prepare for their next steps.”

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