Huddersfield New College has released a special guide for students packed with ideas and ways they can stay happy, healthy and safe whilst at home during the Easter break – perhaps even gaining a new skill or qualification in the process!

Students have been busy with remote learning during Campus closure, and to help students keep a structure to their days and to provide ideas for enriching activities that can be undertaken at home during the Easter break and beyond, HNC has released a special guide ‘Happy Healthy Bodies and Minds.’ This is packed with different ideas such as how students can use some of this time to enjoy new experiences such as becoming a ‘Culture Vulture’, a ‘Mastermind’ or even learning some new dance moves from the ideas in the ‘Keep Fit’ section.

As part of this, HNC has also launched a number of competitions for students to take part in to help them stay creative, including a challenge to write a four line poem, submit their best attempts at Masterchef standard dishes, or write for a special edition of the HNC Echo, the College’s student magazine.

The guide also contains a checklist of how students can protect their mental well-being during these times, and sources of help and advice.

Lee Goddard, Assistant Principal comments: “We understand that staying home and safe can impact on all of our mental health but it is also time we can use to gain a new skill, qualification or even achieve a goal we've not previously had time to work towards. There’s an overwhelming amount of things you can do to keep occupied during this time, and our guide is a collection of some of these along with some ideas that are simply a little bit of fun. It is crucial that we all protect our mental health during these times, and the handy checklist just provides a reminder of how some simple steps can help with this. We hope all of our students enjoy the guide, and we look forward to the time we can safely welcome them back to Campus.

You can download the guide here.