Students at Huddersfield New College (HNC) have been invited to showcase their creative talents through a range of activities they can take part in from home. The College has recently launched an e-enrichment guide packed full of ideas of how to make the most of this remote learning period. From creating an artistic masterpiece to writing a short story, there's plenty of opportunities to get creative!

HNC's current creative challenges include entering a 500 word dystopian piece for our Short Story competition, and/or creating a four-line poem for our 'Perfect Poetry' competition. Taking part in these challenges not only allows for a creative outlet, it also helps you to keep your mind engaged, improve vocabulary and hone your writing techniques- and could win you a prize!

Students from across the College have sent in their creative pieces, including this compelling poem by the talented Morgan.

Behind the Blinds


In these current days of infinite greys, I observe the lamp lighten nights from behind the blinds.

In this current phase of losing space, I observe the malignant mindless morning that is far from kind;

It is here where the weeks, months and years are no longer yours, nor mine anymore,

It is here where I am forced, to converse with the shadows of my own frivolous thoughts.


Yet, I am worried I will wither and shiver as the central heating subsides as the months pass me by,

Yet, I am worried that my demise will result in the established miser leaving me penniless when I die.

But it cannot be helped, as I’m saved by my weekly trips to squander my wealth on the supermarket shelf.

But it cannot be helped, as I am saved by those who dedicate their lives to the nation’s health.


Though, I fear that our lives will not progress, as the fallen empire crumbles beyond the confines of our homes;

Though, I fear that my life will not progress; as I’m bound by the restrictions of the world I cannot roam.

But here I am bed ridden, caught and forbidden to wander beyond the comforts of these four walls;

But here I am bed ridden, taught to be hidden, instructed by the voices of these governmental calls.


As I listen for the ambient cries of the dawn chorus, to awake me whilst the outside world forgets us;

As I remain by the window-pane and inhale seclusions asbestos into the entirety of my solar plexus.

Yet, I freeze by the coldness of my loneliness’s weave, as it sows my fractured mind with such imperative ease;

Whilst I cough and I cough, and I wheeze and I wheeze, as it is the looming squall that kills not the breeze.


Forever, again, I dwell and think of all the countless things I should’ve said and would’ve done;

Forever, I wait for the curtain’s fall, as the year is long but this sate of regulation is still very young.

However, I remain awake, as it is these countless restless nights that keep me from dreaming; However, how long my thoughts stop me sleeping and my boredom keeps me staring at the ceiling.


We would love to hear from our students and share their creative creations. Email us at to have your work shared, or to enter any of our creative competitions.

Stay alert and stay safe!

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