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We ask all students to aim for 100% attendance. Should a student need to be absent, the following procedures need to be followed. Absence may be reported by the student or a parent/carer. 

When a student is unable to attend on the day 

  • Students (or parents/carers) must report absence by 11am at the very latest to ensure that registers are accurately updated
  • Absences can be reported via the absence reporting form in the Your HNC app or by emailing

If a student needs to leave part way through the College day

  • If a student needs to leave part way through the day e.g. they feel ill and they still have lessons to attend then they must visit the LSC to sign out
  • This ensures that absence is accurately recorded on CEDAR
  • Please note that we cannot accept notification for this type of absence via the app or email

Planned absence

  • Any planned absence should be unavoidable - please note that routine GP and dental appointments should be arranged outside of lesson times 
  • If a student has an unavoidable planned absence then they need to visit the Student Helpdesk LRC with supporting evidence e.g. appointment letter so that their absence can be recorded on CEDAR

All students are asked to check CEDAR regularly to review attendance, and remember that excellent attendance is key to achieving highly in their courses.  

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