Your Enrichment Opportunities

Gone are the days when a university admissions tutor or an employer was just concerned with your academic qualifications. Now they are looking for that ‘something extra’- that something that makes you stand out from the crowd! There are a variety of outstanding experiences on offer here at HNC. We categorise our enrichment opportunities into seven strands, and each different strand can help you to develop a range of skills and help you to discover new talents. Read below to find out more about the outstanding opportunities on offer at Your HNC...




Students at HNC are encouraged to volunteer their time, whether that's in the local community or in voluntary roles within the College, such as our Student Diversity Champions. Students who volunteer their time can apply for V-Inspired awards, which are nationally recognised. The College also votes for a Charity of the Year, and you can submit your nomination for this via tutorial.

You can complement your academic study programmes with a variety of additional qualifications that you can take alongside your timetabled lessons. From Microsoft Specialist Exams to coaching qualifications to studying for an EPQ, these additional qualifications can bolster UCAS applications and help you to successfully progress to your next steps. 


Our expert Careers Advisors run a programme of events throughout the year, to help you to solidify your plans beyond HNC. Whether you know exactly what you want to do, or you're still formulating a career plan, we're here to help you. From large scale events to one-to-one meetings, you will be supported with your career plans throughout your time at College.

Students are also able to access a range of work and industry placements, have support with applying to prestigious summer schools and receive bespoke support with regards to apprenticeships and the world of work.


Students are encouraged to explore their creativity throughout their time at HNC. From short courses in life drawing, to taking part in arts and literacy based College competitions, you will have plenty of opportunities to stretch your creative legs. New courses and opportunities are released throughout the academic year. If you are a current student, please visit Moodle to see what opportunities are currently available.


Here at HNC we help our students to gain a competitive edge in a variety of ways. From taking part in national competitions, such as Poetry by Heart, where HNC students from the last two years have reached the grand finals, to applying for a prestigious role such as Head Student, there are a number of opportunities that can help you to stand out from the crowd.


Students at HNC are able to access a variety of inspirational opportunities. This year students have been able to attend virtual talks from inspirational speakers such as John McCarthy, as well as contributing to our student newspaper, The HNC Echo. These special opportunities allow students at HNC to build on their cultural capital, helping them to progress to competitive university courses and in-demand apprenticeship placements. 


HNC is known for its sporting prowess. If you play a team or individual sport competitively, our Talented Athlete and Academies Programmes can help you to progress within your sport whilst achieving your very best academically. You can find out more about the sports programmes here.

Get active isn't just for those who play sport at the very highest levels though! There are a variety of opportunities for students throughout the year to stay fit, active and healthy, from dance classes to introductory courses to disciplines such as self defense. 

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