Outstanding Careers support for our students

From day one, we will match our support to your career aspirations, and we have a proven track record in helping students to pursue careers across a whole range of sectors. We will help to improve your employability potential through a bespoke support package including one-to-one careers appointments, career focused tutorials, access to work experience placements, interview preparation and much, much more! 

The college’s career programme works throughout the year to support your progression.

Dan Odlin

Careers Manager. Dan is our Careers Manager and one of our Careers Advisors at Huddersfield New College and as our Careers Lead, he organises our programme of events, including our Meet the Professionals series, a variety of workshops and a wide range of career related opportunities for students such as sessions on CV writing and excelling in an interview. Dan also ensures all students can access impartial advice to all students regarding their career choices and progression options. Dan plays a key role in helping students to map out the next steps to achieving their ambitions.

Helen Ward

Work Placement Officer. Helen is part of our Careers team and ensures that students can access work placement opportunities that support them to stand out from the crowd. These may be specifically linked to career ambitions, or simply enhance the student experience. Helen has relationships with a wide range of employers and organisations, ensuring that young people have access to a fantastic range of opportunities across a wide range of sectors. Helen also ensures Health and Safety Risk Assessments are completed with employers prior to students going on placement.

Claire Ridley

Careers Advisor (C&K). Claire is our C&K Careers Advisor. Claire supports our Careers programme, hosting and running a range of information and advice sessions. Claire is also available for one to one interviews and appointments with students. Students can make an appointment with Claire to be supported with any aspect of planning, from discussing next steps and future options to completing an application form.

To contact any member of the team email careers@huddnewcoll.ac.uk

If you are planning to go to university, we offer all the support you need to do so, such as:

  • Visits to university open days 
  • A Higher Education Progression Day
  • Expert advice with your UCAS application and personal statement
  • Advice about applying for student finance
  • Opportunities to apply for Widening Participation schemes at leading universities such as Leeds University
  • Opportunities to apply for Summer Schools
  • Opportunity to apply for a Helena Kennedy Award
  • Support with Disability Support Allowance applications

Students are able to seek careers advice five days a week from our experienced and professionally qualified Careers team.

UniFACTs 2021

UniFACTs 2021 is produced by C&K Careers to provide information to parents and carers of young people who are considering going to university in 2020. It includes information on the pros and cons of higher education, the application process, student finance, links to useful sources of information and much more. You can download a copy of this booklet here.

You can find out more about our expert careers service using the booklet below.

The following links give general information on university, apprenticeships and the labour market in the Leeds City Region. This is particularly useful for parents in supporting their son/daughter to progress on to the next stage of their career but also for students wanting further information.



Labour Market Information for the Leeds City Region

You can also access our Provider Access Policy here

You can access our Work Experience Policy here

Parents, carers and students can access further careers information on Moodle. Please click here for further information (sign in required).


If you left us in 2021 and are applying to university for 2022 entry, we will be able to check your application and provide your reference in the same way we do for our current students. 

Your application support will be provided by the Careers Team, not by your former Progress Tutor. We will advise you on how to link your application to the College and we will provide support by email and phone. The earlier you contact us for support, the better. If you are looking to make an application to university, you will need to contact the Careers Team at careers@huddnewcoll.ac.uk. 

·         If you are applying for a course that has a UCAS deadline of 15th October, you will need to have completed your application by our internal deadline of Friday 24th September. 

·         If you are applying for a course that has a UCAS deadline of 26th January, you will need to have completed your application by our internal deadline of Friday 26th November. 

This allows us to check your application and complete your reference.

Applying more than a year after leaving HNC

If you choose to apply to university more than a year after leaving us, we will not be able to check your application. Where we are best placed to do so, we will provide your reference but depending on your circumstances we may no longer be the right organisation to provide this and we will discuss this with you.

You will need to complete our UCAS Reference Request form and send this to careers@huddnewcoll.ac.uk. The UCAS reference request form can be downloaded here

We will then contact you to advise you about how to request this reference. 

·         If you are applying for a course that has a UCAS deadline of 15th October, you will need to have contacted us for a reference by Friday 1st October. 

·         If you are applying for a course that has a UCAS deadline of 26th January, you will need to have contacted us for a reference by Friday 10th December. 

If you request a reference through UCAS without contacting us beforehand, we will not respond to your request until we hear from you. 

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