Enrolment for 2021 entry

Welcome to our enrolment page. This section will be regularly updated with information for students who have had a successful interview to join our outstanding, award winning College!


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Access our online College for new students joining HNC in 2021 'Your HNC @ Home

HNC @ Home is our online College for students who have accepted a place at HNC for 2021. All students who have accepted a place at HNC will be issued with a dedicated username and password. Please note that this is exclusive to you, and your log in will follow around a week after receipt of a conditional offer letter. We really encourage you to get involved as part of your journey, as the online College includes:

- Subject based activities you can complete to get a head start in your studies and learn more about what to expect. Don't forget to check out the video lesson tasters, and submit your activities for a chance to win subject based prizes!

- Live Q&A with our staff and students, along with a chance to hear from students studying your chosen subjects

- Special themed weeks such as Careers Week, and a chance to sample some of our enrichment activities

Each week new and exciting content will be uploaded, so logging in regularly is highly recommended! You can log in here

Enrolment appointments

 Enrolment will take place from Monday 23rd August to Thursday 26th August, following the publication of GCSE results.

A letter regarding your appointment will be issued over the summer, and will provide a range of information including the process if your GCSE results are not as expected.

Please note enrolment appointment availability is extremely limited and unless there are extenuating circumstances why you cannot make your appointment, we may not be able to offer an alternative.

Students who have missed the entry criteria for their chosen Programme of Study

We are aware that this is an anxious period and you will be worried about your place at the College, and whether you will still have a place, because you have missed the entry criteria for one or more of their chosen subjects.

If this is the case, our main advice is to attend your assigned enrolment slot where we can discuss possible options with you. We would like to reassure all prospective students that they will not be not disadvantaged in any way by having to wait for their enrolment slot, as all decisions about possible changes to study programme, for a variety of reasons, including not meeting the entry criteria for all/elements of it, are not made until the end of the standard enrolment period. This year’s review period will end on 1st September and by this point, we will have contacted any prospective student who attended their enrolment slot and requested a revision to their programme of study.

Students' Union

You will automatically become a member of the National Union of Students when you enrol. If you would like an 'NUS Extra' card that gives you a wide range of discounts and special offers, you need to apply directly to the NUS. Find out more about the NUS Extra Card here.

16-19 Bursary Fund - financial support

There is a range of assistance that you may apply for to help you during your time at College, including the option to apply for the 16-19 Bursary Fund. If you would like to read more about the bursary fund, please click here. A bursary helpdesk will be available during enrolment.  Please note that we cannot accept applications until you have enrolled with HNC for 2021. 

Travelling to HNC

There are a range of options available to you if you cannot walk or cycle, including dedicated College buses. Please click here for more information.



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