What financial support is available for students?

1. Student Bursary

Student Bursary Payments

Information about the student bursary available for students starting in September 2021 can be found here, and an application form is available here. Please complete the application form and email to studentfinance@huddnewcoll.ac.uk

Second year students must re-apply for the bursary even if you received it last year. 

Please direct any queries to the Finance Team.

2. Hardship Fund

Available for students in extreme financial hardship. Students should apply for the Bursary Fund first.

3. Childcare

Students may be eligible for support for childcare costs through the Care to Learn scheme.

Students are entitled to help if:

  • They are under the age of 20 and have a young child
  • Are studying at college
  • Have an Ofsted registered child Carer

Further information on Care to Learn is available from:

Tel: 0800 121 8989

Web site: www.dfes.gov.uk/caretolearn

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