Are you looking to spend some of your time at home preparing for your A-Levels at HNC?

We've received a number of requests for recommended reading lists for students starting at HNC in September 2020. Whilst we can't make individual recommendations, the links below will take you to the full specifications for each of our A Level courses. Dependent on the course, you can see what will be covered over your study programme, download key terms, and look at past example papers (but remember that these are usually taken at the end of a two year study programme and you will be fully supported to get ready for these).

If you would like to start preparing for A Levels, you may want to choose a topic to start researching and investigating it - the internet archive is currently offering free access to materials and there's plenty available online. This is not a required activity and we have published this list in response to a number of queries from students and parents who are undertaking self-study during this time. All of our students will receive a full induction to their courses, and some ideas for research and activities to help them to prepare for September at our Welcome Event in July.

Subject Exam Board Subject page
3D Design AQA
Biology AQA
Business EDEXCEL
Chemistry AQA
Computer Science OCR
Criminology WJEC
Drama & Theatre Studies AQA
Economics EDEXCEL
English Combined AQA
English Literature AQA
Film Studies OCR
Further Mathematics EDEXCEL
Geography AQA
Graphic Communication AQA
History AQA
Mathematics AQA
Media Studies EDUQAS (WJEC)
Photography EDEXCEL
Physical Education AQA
Physics AQA
Politics EDEXCEL
Psychology AQA
Religious Studies EDUQAS (WJEC)
Sociology AQA
Textiles AQA
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