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Students and staff at New College got together to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day.   

More than 850,000 young people are diagnosed as suffering from mental health problems in the UK, with many more suffering in silence and going undiagnosed. By celebrating World Mental Health Day, we aimed to raise awareness of mental health worries on campus through the medium of positive thinking.

Students were given the chance to write positive messages about themselves, with many finding it difficult to think of their strengths on the spot; proof that it's not always easy to think positively about yourself, even when you have lots of great things going on!

On the day we had a fantastic photo booth (keep an eye out on Facebook for the results!) and students wore stickers with positive thoughts to help spread the message around campus.

The day was run by the Psychology department, with A2 Psychology students carrying out research about mental health, and attitudes towards it, on the day. Our Psychology students found many of the people they questioned are still quite reluctant to talk about their mental health with family, doctors and employers, despite the help available to anyone suffering from any problems. 

If you are worried about your own or a friend's mental health and you need someone to talk to, our Open Door service is confidential and our fully trained staff will be able to help. You can contact them on

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