HNC has revealed that staff and students will be ‘making a noise’ about why bullying is unacceptable during next week’s national Anti-Bullying Week. Running 13 – 17 November, the week provides  an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the different forms bullying can take, and how we can all play our part in tackling bullying.

As an inclusive and diverse College, HNC works to help students to understand the different and sometimes unseen forms bullying can take, and how there is often a fine line between bullying and banter. As a College, we also support students to understand the role they have to play in reducing bullying in the wider community, by ensuring they don’t ignore what they might see.

Throughout the week HNC will be creating opportunities for students to reflect and discuss with a number of events as follows:

  • Monday: students are asked to wear their odd socks as part of the Odd Socks Day, which kicks off the week. Pictures can be sent to
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: students and staff are invited to leave a message on our tree of kindness. This can be their own message about why bullying is unacceptable, or a message of support for a marginalised community in the wider world
  • Thursday: the College will be having a specific focus on transphobia and homophobia with our Student Diversity Champions handing out free pronoun and Pride flag badges

All of our events will run in the Junction during the lunch break.

Stuart Ogden, one of the College’s Enrich Leads comments: “Our College community is incredibly diverse, and our students have plenty of opportunities to recognise and celebrate how we are all different. We also work to ensure our young people understand that there is a fine line between banter and bullying, and as a College we do not tolerate bullying in any of the forms it might take. Given recent headlines about transphobic and homophobic hate crimes, our Student Diversity team have chosen to dedicate one of our days to a stance against this particular form of bullying. We are looking forward to all coming together during National Anti-Bullying week and showing how as a community we stand against all forms of bullying.”

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