HNC’s A Level Economics students recently welcomed Professor Colin Bamford to HNC for an enlightening lecture on negative externalities in production, a topic directly linked to the Economics syllabus.

Professor Bamford, who himself studied at HNC before it transitioned to a Sixth Form College, returned to HNC to deliver a lecture to support students’ wider learning in preparation for upcoming exams. In the session, students explored the topic of ‘negative externalities in production’ – a hotly debated topic on how some production techniques can cause harmful effects on unrelated third parties, such as noise and atmospheric pollution. The lecture was directly linked to the topic of ‘flying’ and students engaged in a debate looking at the whether the negative effects of flying outweighed the obvious economic benefits that air travel has on global economics.

After the lecture, the group took part in a Q&A, where Professor Bamford shared more about his career in Higher Education and how he reached the position as Professor Emeritus at the University of Huddersfield, as well as sharing his advice on how the group can achieve highly in their upcoming final exams.

Mohammed Asif, Teacher of Economics, comments “It was wonderful to welcome back Professor Bamford to HNC – his former school – to inspire the next generation of Economists. He delivered a genuinely fascinating lecture of the unintended negative consequences that manufacturing and production – which is essential to societies and economies across the world – can have and how we as economists must weigh up the pros and cons. This is a challenging topic that inspired a hot debate in the classroom!”

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