Information regarding enrolment

If you have accepted a place for 2024 entry, you will now be preparing for the next step in your HNC journey! Below you can find some key information about important dates for you. Please note that we regularly issue students and parents/carers direct communication about pre-enrolment tasks and all applicants need to check their email regularly, as this is where we will issue vital updates. Please note that these emails will contain any log in information and instructions for accessing College systems. You can also find some of our most common enrolment FAQs below.

Key dates for students who have accepted a place

  • Monday 11 July – Hudd Fest, our welcome event for students who have accepted a place. Places must be booked by Monday 8 July
  • By Monday 11 July students must have completed these vital pre-enrolment tasks:
    – uploaded a passport style photograph to CEDAR
    – applied for Student Bursary, if applicable. More information can be found here about bursary
    – ordered an NC College bus pass, if required. More information can be found here about NC bus passes
    Bursary and bus pass applications will remain open after 11 July however they will not be processed until the start of the new academic therefore students will experience a delay to being able to access support, if eligible, and being able to use the College bus services

    HNC operates an online enrolment process and are not required to come on to campus in order to enrol. However, if students do not upload a photo by 11 July and then they enrol, they will be required to attend an allocated appointment to have a photograph taken. Please note that due to the demands of the enrolment period these appointments cannot be changed. It is therefore advisable that students complete all their pre-enrolment tasks by the deadline. Please note that completing these tasks do not obligate a student to enrol.

Online enrolment (22 – 30 August 2024)

  • HNC operates an online enrolment process. Students who wish to enrol must upload their GCSE results and complete the online enrolment registration form by 4.30pm on Thursday 22 August. Full instructions will be sent to all students regarding this process
  • The online enrolment allows students to indicate they wish to amend their study programme, or that they need to speak to someone as their results are not as expected. Students who need to speak to a member of staff will then be contacted by telephone as soon as possible
  • While we do not require students to come on to campus (with the exception of those who require a photograph taking – please note students must still enrol online) students must be available for the full duration of the enrolment period 22 – 30 August or until a student receives an email confirming that their online enrolment has been successful.

Compulsory Induction Day Monday 2 September 2024
Students who enrol at HNC are required to attend the compulsory Induction Day on Monday 2 September. This is a bespoke day that will not reflect their normal timetable as on this day they will have lessons with all of their teachers, along with attending welcome talks and completing enrolment administration tasks such as collecting their membership badge. On this day students will be able to use the NC College bus service for free, in recognition of how they will need to collect their bus pass (if required and relevant). Induction Day timetables will be issued on Friday 30 August (PM) and students should expect to be here for the full day.

Enrolment FAQs
Please see below for some of our most common enrolment FAQs. All applicants will receive full and detailed information about enrolment direct to the email address we hold on file.

What happens if I am away on holiday?
You should be able to still log in to CEDAR to upload results, including from overseas. If you experience any issues logging in, you must contact us on the day for assistance so that your results are received by the deadline of 4.30pm on Thursday 22 August. It is important to note that even though we do not require you to come into HNC during this period (with the exception of if you have not uploaded a photo for your membership badge) you must remain contactable by phone until the point you have received your enrolment confirmation email. The enrolment registration form has a space for you to confirm the best telephone number to contact you on during the enrolment period.

What happens if I need to speak to someone as my results are not as expected or I want to ask for an amendment to my study programme?
We understand that it may be an anxious time and we will try to contact you as soon as possible but we cannot guarantee when this will be, nor can we connect you to staff so we politely request that you do not telephone the College during this period. Our team will try and contact you up to three times before rescheduling you for a call back on the next working day during the enrolment period. We cannot connect you to staff, as the person looking at your enrolment may change. It is therefore crucial you await our call and ensure you are available on the number you have submitted on your enrolment registration form. Someone will keep trying to contact you until enrolment closes on 30 August. At this point your application will be withdrawn if we cannot reach you. 

How quickly can I expect my enrolment to be processed?
Every enrolment is carefully checked and reviewed.  There is no timescale on how long this will take us. This means you might not receive your confirmation email at the same time as a friend.  Please do not worry – once your enrolment has been processed, you will receive yours then.  We also suggest checking your junk/ spam email folders. You will be contacted if there is any issue. However, if you still haven’t had any contact by 2pm on 30 August please do contact us. 

If my enrolment is successful, when will I get induction email?
On Friday 30 August you will receive full information and a timetable for Induction Day on Monday 2 September. On Induction Day you’ll be shown how to access your timetable for the year ahead. We cannot provide additional information at this point regarding Induction Day, but please note you should expect to spend the full day at College on Monday 2 September. 

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