HNC has revealed that as part of the College’s approach to helping students explore current events surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict, the College is hosting two insightful talks which will see students hearing the personal experiences of peace-makers from both sides of the conflict.

These sessions will also help our young people to learn more about the facts around the conflict, and explore some of the complex history that has led to current events. As a College, we share Solutions Not Sides values and passion for helping students to understand the power of empathy, equality for all and the rejection of hatred.

Students who are interested in this important opportunity to think critically and learn more will need to book a place for the two hour long session, and take part in a shorter preparatory session which provides some historical information. During the two sessions which will be hosted in late February, students will hear more about the direct experiences of those who have first hand experience of the conflict and explore how the only long term solution and viable is peace on both sides. Two sessions are available to maximise the amount of students who can participate.

Catherine Cushnie, Assistant Principal comments: “As a College community we are horrified by the violence and loss of life that is happening, and we know that a number of our students have family members who are directly affected. Current events are incredibly emotive and distressing, with deeply polarised views on both sides – not helped by the amount of disinformation, particularly on social media. We understand why this is a difficult topic to navigate for our young people who are continuously seeing reports which are not always true events, and sometimes these reports do perpetuate antisemitic or Islamophobic views . As a College we stand against racism and hatred in all of its forms, and we take our role in educating our young people about tackling this seriously, so although this is a challenging and distressing topic to explore, we are determined not to shy away from providing our young people with a safe and supportive space to learn more.”

“The visit from Solutions Not Sides will give students a direct insight into the lived reality of conflict on both sides, and how mutual understanding and the exploration of shared values is the only way we can seek to move forward and find solutions. While we are aware this a complex and challenging topic that full understanding of will not be immediately achieved, through providing a safe and compassionate space to learn more, we hope that this will support our students to question what they see, and play their part in challenging the narrative of ‘winners and losers’ in any conflict.”

Students interested in booking a place should see their year group channel on Teams. These sessions are for current HNC students only.

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