HNC has revealed that the College is on the countdown to its inaugural ‘Become Your Best Self’ awards. Hosted at the University of Huddersfield, the evening will be a very special event where the College will celebrate a number of students who uphold and exemplify the College’s values in their lived daily behaviours.

Around 150 members of our community will come together to celebrate our students who have gone above and beyond in embodying the College’s core values of authenticity, self-discipline, passion, innovation, respect, and empathy. Three special awards will also be presented – the ‘ASPIRE Award’ (recognising the student who exemplifies all of our values), the ‘Living Authentically Award’ (recognising the student who has the courage to be their authentic self) and the overall ‘Become Your Best Self Award’. The event will be hosted by the University of Huddersfield on Wednesday 24 April.

Linked to this,  today the College has announced that the HNC staff community will be sharing a piece of advice, literature, or podcast that has inspired them to become their best self. These will be shared over the coming weeks on the College’s social media channels, with an insight into how the recommendation has inspired them.

Principal Marcus Smith-Connor will kick off this new series with his choice which is ‘Ego is the Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday.  Marcus has chosen this book as he believes that it provides an accessible and interesting insight into the danger of believing in our own importance and the harm that an unchecked ego can have on our lives.

Marcus Smith-Connor comments: “We are on the countdown to our inaugural Become Your Best Self Awards and we cannot wait to enjoy an evening of special stories and celebrations. While every student at HNC is expected to uphold our values in their daily behaviours, these awards celebrate our young people who have gone genuinely above and beyond in doing so, and demonstrate an unrelenting and consistent drive to be the best they can be in everything they do, inside and outside of the classroom. Although the winners are aware they will be receiving award, the details of this will remain a surprise until the evening.”

“In every conversation with students at HNC, we talk about how their journey to becoming their best self is a result of ensuring they consistently attend punctually, behave professionally, and commit completely.  Beyond HNC, we are fortunate that we can learn from great authors and thinkers who provide inspiration and motivation to help us all be our best selves. I am pleased to be the first to feature in our new ‘Inspiring Stories’ series with my choice of ‘Ego is the Enemy’.  In a society where many people think that ego is vital to success, the author argues that an unchecked ego will in fact lead to our downfall.   Ryan Holiday makes the case that being humble, self-reflective, and accountable for our choices are the key ingredients of a happy, successful life. As with everything, don’t take my word for it, read the book and see what you think!  I’m sure that future suggestions from staff will generate some interesting discussions and debates!”

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